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Can I dilute SilverCleanse colloidal silver?2019-04-10T14:48:46+00:00

Yes you can.

You must use pure steam distilled water only.
NEVER use tap water or it will contaminate your silver with unpure water, minerals, probably turn the solution pinkish and render it less effective.


Please contact us by using our contact page and put RETURNS in the subject line along with your order number and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please make sure your package is still in the same box and all products unopened and within 30 days of original purchase.

We will refund you on receipt of the goods received back to us.

Conditions of use2017-01-02T16:12:31+00:00

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How do you use colloidal silver?2019-04-10T14:30:18+00:00

Applications include topical, ear, or eye drop, or as a spray for other sensitive tissues. It does not sting, burn, or otherwise hurt even the most sensitive areas.

It can be used on cold sores, warts, open sores, or a spray for acne, eczema, and other skin irritations like Molluscum contagiosum, even atomized. The number of disease organisms presently identified that colloid of silver is fatal to is now over 650.

Why do you have different parts per million strengths?2015-03-29T11:51:21+00:00

PPM of colloidal silver needs to be understood in its entirety. PPM means parts per million. By definition 1 PPM is 1 milligram of silver deposited in 1 liter of water (1,000 ml). If one were to ingest that 1 mg. piece of silver, it would not do you much good. If you were to divide that 1 mg. into 1,000,000 particles of silver, it would then have much more efficacy because it takes one particle of silver to disable 1 pathogen.

The silver is now 1,000,000 times better than 1 piece of silver even though by definition it is still only 1 PPM. If one were to further divide the 1 mg piece of silver into 100,000,000 particles, it would be very beneficial indeed.

We offer our colloidal silver in different strengths as there are endless uses for it and peoples different needs can be met more easily. For example a lot of people take a maintenance dose of colloidal silver mineral solution every day and don’t need a higher strength where as some people use it for skin conditions and would like to address them quickly. Other people use it for their pets like horses, cats, dogs, birds etc These of course are just a few examples and you must select the strength that you feel is right for your intended usage.

What is the Tyndall effect?2016-10-21T16:59:16+00:00

The Tyndall Effect is the effect of light scattering in many directions in colloidal dispersion, while showing no light in a true solution. This effect is used to determine whether a mixture is a true solution or a colloid. “To be classified colloidal, a material must have one or more of its dimensions (length, width, or thickness) in the approximate range of 1-1000 nm.”

Because a colloidal solution or substance (like fog) is made up of scattered particles (like dust and water in air), light cannot travel straight through. Rather, it collides with these micro-particles and scatters causing the effect of a visible light beam. This effect was observed and described by John Tyndall as the Tyndall Effect.

The Tyndall effect is an easy way of determining whether a mixture is colloidal or not. When light is shined through a true solution, the light passes cleanly through the solution, however when light is passed through a colloidal solution, the substance in the dispersed phases scatters the light in all directions, making it readily seen.


This picture was taken from above and shows the Tyndall effect in subdued light. The laser was directed from right to left. If one were to look at the vessel from in front at eye level, the Tyndall effect would be almost invisible. It’s hard to see but the red beam is striking the silver particles in the water and what is seen is the light reflecting off those particles. A strong Tyndall effect would indicate large particles. This picture was taken of our colloidal silver made to 20 PPM strength. By using constant current and also stirring the CS during production, we are able to make a quality product. This is what one should see when looking for Tyndall

A laser will allow one to see the Tyndall effect very easily. Just direct it through the colloidal dispersion and the beam will strike the particles and the light will be reflected off those particles. Large particles will be seen as what is known as “sparklers”.

Do you have any transmission electron microscope images from your colloidal silver generators?2016-10-21T16:59:16+00:00

Yes we do!

This is a transmission electron microscope photo of colloidal silver made by one of our SilverCleanse™ Pro units.
The typical particle size is in the range of .001 to .004 um. Magnification is 100,000 times.

Notice the uniformity of particle shapes. Also note the particles are separate rather than agglomerated.
There are basically 2 different sizes shown.
This is very high quality colloidal silver.

SilverCleanse™ Pro Colloidal Silver (20ppm) - Magnification is 100,000 times

SilverCleanse™ Pro Colloidal Silver (20ppm) – Magnification is 100,000 times

I have heard you sometimes offer discount codes?2015-03-28T17:10:47+00:00

Sometimes we do!
In fact well done you for asking this question.
You may have 10% off your order today if you use voucher code silvercleanse10 in the checkout process you will receive 10% off your order.

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