SilverCleanse™ Colloidal Silver

Ionic / Colloidal Silver & hand made silver ion based cosmetics products

SilverCleanse™ Isolated Ionic Silver Solutions and Charged Particle Silver Colloids

SilverCleanse™ Colloidal Silver is premium colloidal silver hydrosol.

Perfect For Topical Application!

We believe our product is second to none and created using our bank of state of the art, purpose built generators. Every batch is created in a glass reaction vessel, utilising constant current technology for superior colloidal silver. Every batch is rested for 48hrs then tested and measured for strength & consistency utilising specialist Hana PWT meters to measure the final product. Only then do we bottle in into glass amber bottles

Powerful Colloidal Silver Ion Gels

SilverCleanse™ Colloidal Silver Ion gels are natural. You can also be assured all our product ingredients are never tested on animals

Silvercleanse Silver Ion Technology

Gently take the sting away from bites, cuts and grazes with our organic silver ion gel range.

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Welcome to SilverCleanse™. Based in Manchester UK, we specialise in EIS – electrically Isolated silver which consist of positively charged silver ions and minute, negatively charged silver particles with a zeta potential, properly isolated by molecules of steam distilled pure water – and nothing else!

With our professional quality colloidal silver we also create high quality simple colloidal silver gels, colloidal silver based products, silver ion creams, gels and serums which are also organic where we can. You can also be assured all our product ingredients are never tested on animals

You’ll also find SilverCleanse Colloidal Silver very handy in the garden and bathroom since it can be used on pets & plants. Spray colloidal Silver on plant leaves, and add to soil water. Keep a spray bottle of it in the bathroom for feet, hands & face.

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