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Pure Steam Distilled Water –
Perfect for diluting SilverCleanse Colloidal Silver

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If you are not drinking pure Distilled Water made from an Aqua Laboratory Water Distillation System your drinking water doesn’t come close to being as pure!

  • AQUA LABORATORY Pure Steam Distilled Water (25 Litres) is created using state of the art stainless steel distillation equipment then transferred straight into food grade UN approved containers ensuring you have the cleanest drinking water available.
  • AQUA LABORATORY LIMITED – THE GOLD STANDARD IN PURE STEAM DISTILLED WATER. Perfect for daily use and a whole myriad of uses including personal detoxification, cosmetics manufacturers, colloidal silver, colloidal copper,and colloidal gold manufacturers to name a few of our existing and repeat customers.
  • The process of distillation kills and removes all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants.
  • AQUA LABORATORY runs all captured water through a 185nm ultra-violet filter on the way to your UN approved food grade container to ensure extremely low TOC levels in your finished product.
  • Ingredients: Pure Steam Distilled Water at <1 PPM (0 parts per million at source)
  • Perfect for colloidal silver dilution – NEVER use tap water or mineral water.

Aqua Laboratory™ Pure Steam Distilled Water

Aqua Laboratory™ Pure Steam Distilled Water 0ppm