3 Stage Pro Active Acne Attack Pack Kit with SilverCleanse Colloidal Silver Ion Technology (SSIT)


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3 Stages of attack for maximum effect – Highly active face wash, serum, & moisturiser with theraputic amounts of organic, specially chosen ingredients targeted at skin repair & the causes of Acne. All 3 products are SLS & Paraben free.

Includes SilverCleanse Silver Ion Technology (SSIT)
(200ml) Stage 1: Pro Active Organic Face & Body Wash with SSIT (45 parts per million)
(100ml) Stage 2: Pro Active Silver Ion Serum with organic Anti Acne Formula & SSIT
(100ml) Stage 3: Pro Active Cream Moisturiser with Epi-dermis Sebum Balancer & SSIT

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Help eliminate inflammatory & Non-inflammatory Acne from your face & body with our 3 stage acne attack pack. No matter how severe your acne breakouts are you will benefit from our 3 stage acne attack pack.

All the active ingredients used are specially chosen to treat all the problem acne prone skin can have. It will attack cysts and spots at the same time deal with red and swollen areas and as your skin improves it will also help with the repair of your damaged skin.

The many active organic ingredients we have blended for you are the leading anti acne active ingredients you can use when combating acne problems and we have included these in therapeutic amounts to maximise their effectiveness.

This is all on top out our SilverCleanse Silver Ion Technology which use our high strength colloidal silver killing any bacteria resulting in less redness and scarring and overall balance to skin tone.

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